Preventive and inspection of pressure vessels

Pressure vessels manufactured in GRP do not require continuous maintenance as in the case of steel filters, however, for safety reasons and to extend the life of the product to the maximum, periodic inspections are required and the deviations detected are corrected.

Filter tightness: ensure that there are no leaks or cracks especially in critical places such as connections or covers and access nozzles and joints.

Filter stability: ensure correct leveling and good condition of the anchors.

Air relief valve: make sure the air relief valve works properly

Installation: ensure the proper functioning of the valve battery for washing, rinsing and filtration maneuver.

Status of the filter bed: ensure that the level of the filter bed is correct and that it expands properly when washing.

Loss of load: make sure that after a wash, the initial clean filter pressure is recovered again.

Environmental degradation: ensure that the sun's UV radiation is not degrading the tank and apply a coat of paint if necessary.

Change of the filter media: When changing the filter media, also inspect the good condition of the interior of the tank, pipes and especially collectors and crepins and replace them with new ones if crystallization or color change is observed.

Label: check the status of the label that identifies the tank and indicates its conditions of use and request a new one if it is in poor condition.

Periodicity and maintenance plans

The periodicity of inspections is at the user’s discretion, however Poltank recommends performing these inspections once a year.

Poltank offers its customers the possibility of receiving an inspection service and / or customized periodic preventive maintenance plan and according to the needs of each installation.