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Sand or flint are the most used materials in domestic swimming pools. The sand retains the dirt of the water when it passes through the pores that form in it due to its irregular shape. As an inconvenience, the sand needs maintenance because if channels are formed in it, the water passes directly back to the pool without being filtered. Another of the drawbacks is the ability of the sand to retain bacteria and microorganisms, which can cause them to proliferate inside the filter.

It is a granular anthracite, for use in the filtration of suspended solids. The particle size directly affects the filtration efficiency. A large particle size allows a longer filtration time between contralavados, although it requires a higher bed height. A small particle size allows for a low bed height, but causes a greater pressure drop.

The vitreous filter medium is environmentally friendly, it is made of recycled glass. It is more efficient because it saves on washes and water, as well as energy costs and chemical treatments.

Zeolites are a porous material of natural origin, exceeds the filtration quality of classical substrates such as flint sand and is comparable to that of diatoms, with a tighter price and a much longer duration.

The OC-1 solution is a combination of OC-1 media and filters that offer excellent results in the filtration of a pool or spa. It can be used in both residential and public swimming pools. Save time by reducing the frequency of cleaning. Save energy using a smaller pump or reducing its speed. Save water by reducing water consumption by washing your filter against the current. Enjoy excellent quality water in your pool or spa.


Winding filters made of polyester reinforced with fiberglass, totally anti-corrosive, presenting a high mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance.

Laminated filter, manufactured with simultaneous projection of resin and fiberglass.

Our fiberglass pressurized filters are the best option for pretreatment of salt and brackish water in the reverse osmosis process due to its total corrosion resistance. Manufactured with internal isophthalic resin barrier and winding external reinforcement of GRP in accordance with the UNE-EN13121 standard. Design of collecting system, cylindrical length and connections according to requirements.


For all filters

Lateral manhole
Ref – B / Y / A

B- Injection lateral slots 0.3mm for general filtration

Y- Injection lateral slots 0.2mm for exchange applications

A- Lateral slots with grooved PVC pipe 0.5mm

Multiple diffuser
Ref – M / R / S

M- Multiple diffuser with holes for filtration applications
in general.

Multiple diffuser for ion Exchange or activated carbon with slotted injection grooved.
R- With slots of 0,2mm.
S- With slots of 0,5mm.

Collector system of nozzle plate
Ref – P / X

P- Nozzle plate with nozzle slots of 0.5mm for air washing

X- Nozzle plate with nozzle slot of 0.2mm or ion exchange

Sight Glass
Ref – S

The sight glass is an optional component of the filter that is used to observe the inside of the filter, the level of the filter medium and its expansion during washing. By default it is manufactured in PMMA. If the inside of the filter is coated with vinyl ester, it is made of tempered borosilicate glass. It is placed centered with the maximum level of the filter bed and to the left of the connections.

Lateral manhole
Ref – L1 / L2 / L4 / L5 / L6

Lateral manhole. By default, it is placed to the right of the connections. Manufactured in GRP with nuts and bolts in AISI 316 stainless steel and EPDM gasket. It can be placed in different positions according to customer requirements.

Top Manhole
Ref – T5 / T6

Top manhole Ø400 (16”) for access and loading of the media filter. It is placed as a standard part and it is centered on the filter. Ask the possibility of placing off-center if desired according to models.

T5- Top manhole Ø500 (20’’)
T6- Top manhole Ø600 (24’’)

Vinyl-ester internal coating
Ref – V

Vinyl-ester internal coating. Vinyl-ester internal coating for greater chemical resistance for ozone applications. Maximum resistance in continuous 0.5pprm. Promptly up to 2pprm.

External UV protection
Ref – U

External UV protection. Extra layer that is applied to filter for greater UV protection. Recommended in case of outdoor installation.

Salt water contact
Ref – W

Salt water contact. Compatible with vinyl ester coating or drinking water. Suitable for saline water contact.

Drinking water
Ref – H

Not compatible with vinyl ester coating. Suitable for drinking water.

Standard colors

Standard colors: RAL 5015 blue. Ask for other colors to our Sales team.

For vertical filters

Ref – E

E- Central funnel diffuser for filtration applications in general. They are mounted as standard unless another option is requested.


Manifold Connections Code Description
Manual DN65 135906500 5 valves manual manifold
Manual DN80 135908000 5 valves manual manifold
Manual DN100 135910000 5 valves manual manifold
Manual DN110 135911000 5 valves manual manifold
Manual DN125 135912500 5 valves manual manifold
Manual DN150 135915000 5 valves manual manifold
Manual DN175 135917500 5 valves manual manifold
Manual DN200 135920000 5 valves manual manifold
Electrical DN65 135906500E 5 valves electrical manifold
Electrical DN80 135908000E 5 valves electrical manifold
Electrical DN100 135910000E 5 valves electrical manifold
Electrical DN110 135911000E 5 valves electrical manifold
Electrical DN125 135912500E 5 valves electrical manifold
Electrical DN150 135915000E 5 valves electrical manifold
Electrical DN175 135917500E 5 valves electrical manifold
Electrical DN200 135920000E 5 valves electrical manifold
Pneumatic DN65 135906500N 5 valves pneumatic manifold
Pneumatic DN80 135908000N 5 valves pneumatic manifold
Pneumatic DN100 135910000N 5 valves pneumatic manifold
Pneumatic DN110 135911000N 5 valves pneumatic manifold
Pneumatic DN125 135912500N 5 valves pneumatic manifold
Pneumatic DN150 135915000N 5 valves pneumatic manifold
Pneumatic DN175 135917500N 5 valves pneumatic manifold
Pneumatic DN200 135920000N 5 valves pneumatic manifold